9 Russians among 14 persons rescued over Christmas weekend

Incident Report, Panaji December 2022

Nine Russian tourists were rescued off Mandrem and Morjim beaches over the Christmas weekend, as Goa’s beaches saw an influx of tourists. In addition to these nine, five other people were also rescued along Goa’s beaches. These rescues demonstrate the importance of safety measures for those visiting the state’s coastline.

At Mandrem beach, two Russian nationals, a mother aged 67 and her daughter aged 41, were suddenly overcome by a strong current. The powerful waves pushed them apart, and they were struggling to swim back to the shore. Fortunately, the lifesavers from Drishti, Karan and Rohit, noticed their struggle and immediately rushed to their aid with rescue tubes. After bringing the individuals back to shore, the lifesavers conducted a few medical tests before releasing them.

On the same beach, another Russian national aged 28 years was also caught in a rip current and needed rescuing. Drishti lifesavers Rahul and Akshan came to the rescue with the help of a jet ski and a rescue tube. Thanks to their quick thinking and expertise, the Russian national was safely brought to shore.

Morjim beach recently saw three double rescues involving Russian nationals. Lifesavers Amon and Pramod came to the aid of a male and female, aged 38 years and 18 years respectively, who were hit by a rough tide and found themselves in a difficult situation in the waters. Fortunately, the lifesavers were able to rescue them and ensure their safety.

In another incident, two individuals aged 33 and 30 years called for help from a Drishti lifesaver who was patrolling on a jet ski. Suresh and Dinanath, the Drishti lifesavers, quickly got into the water with jet skis and surfboards to assist a group of eight people who had been caught in a rip current and were struggling to swim back to shore. Thanks to their quick response, the two individuals and the other six people in their group were safely returned to shore.

The Christmas weekend saw five other rescues across the coastal belt of Goa, with Morjim, Vagator and Mandrem accounting for most of the incidents. To ensure the safety of beachgoers during the festive period, Drishti Marine introduced additional lifeguards to popular beaches and midnight shifts for lifeguards. In addition to the rescues, Drishti lifesavers were able to recover six missing children and one adult on the beaches of Calangute, Mandrem, Colva and Baga. These strategic measures were put in place to safeguard lives at Goa’s beaches and other water bodies.

At Calangute beach, there was a double rescue involving two individuals from Mumbai and Bengaluru, both between the ages of 25 and 27. Additionally, Vagator beach reported one rescue of a person from Rajasthan who was caught in a rough rip current. Lastly, Colva and Palolem both reported one rescue on their respective beaches.

Drishti lifesavers recently assisted in the recovery of six missing children, ranging from two to nine years old. To locate the missing individuals, the lifesavers used a combination of jet skis at sea and a jeep on land. Additionally, announcements were made over the PA system. One of the missing persons was a 24-year-old male resident of Jaipur who had gone missing on Baga beach. After a thorough search of the area, the 24-year-old was found in a shack on the shore. Thanks to the efforts of the Drishti lifesavers, all six missing children were safely recovered.

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