A Culinary Journey Through Inception – A Festival of Flavors


Inception, the Performing Arts Society of Goa Institute of Management organizes events promoting creativity, talent, and art forms across the spectrum for students throughout the year. Our flagship event,
Inception 2023, the Annual Cultural, Music, and Food Festival, is a 2-day extravaganza on the 18th – 19th of February 2023.

Being one of the most famous food festivals in the city, it serves as a stage to showcase food delicacies from around the country. The event’s fun, music, food, and vibe have made it a consistent grand success over the past decade, and Inception is here again to continue the legacy.

Food stalls and cuisine are an essential part of our event. They provide students and faculty with a wide range of food options, allowing them to explore and experience different cuisines from around India. From classic
comfort foods to exotic and innovative dishes, there is something for everyone to enjoy at food stalls.

One of the great things about our food stalls is the diversity and the Goan local food they offer. Vendors often bring their own unique flavours and styles to the table, showcasing different cultures and backgrounds. For instance, students can sample Indian dishes, Chinese momos, Biryani, Italian pizza and much more. This variety allows students to step outside their culinary comfort zone and try something new, expanding their palates
and learning about different cultures in the process.

This year Inception has collaborated with some renowned names in the food industry such as The Tiffin Factory, Sufikhana, Wow momos, Cream Choc, Chicago pizza and also brands like Realme, mCaffeine, Hell Energy, Goa Party Circle, Coco Soul, Instax, Safexpress, and many more.

The festival’s cuisine is set to witness some great dishes and amazing food. Keep yourself in the loop to find more!

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