GIM’s Cultural Fest Promotes Cultural Understanding Among Students


GIM plays an essential role in promoting cultural awareness, tolerance, and appreciation among students. They do so through organized cultural events, course offerings, clubs, and extracurricular activities. By fostering an inclusive and diverse environment, colleges encourage students to embrace different cultures and appreciate the beauty and richness of cultural diversity.

GIM is unique in its plethora of student clubs and the opportunity they provide to the students. The Institute has always been a great support in providing the students with a stage to showcase their skills in the domain of Performing Arts.

Inception, the Performing Arts Society of Goa Institute of Management plans activities all year round to encourage students’ talent, creativity, and appreciation of a variety of art forms.

On February 18–19, 2023, our flagship event, Inception 2023, the Annual Culture, Music, and Food Festival, will be a two-day extravaganza. Organized cultural events, such as cultural festivals and music concerts, provide opportunities for students to experience and appreciate different cultures. These events often showcase various forms of art, music, dance, and food from around the world. They also allow students to learn about the cultural traditions and customs of different countries and communities.

Clubs and extracurricular activities that celebrate and promote different cultures also encourage cultural diversity. These clubs provide a safe and welcoming space for students to come together and share their cultural experiences. They also organize events and activities that promote cross-cultural interactions and collaborations.

In the past, Inception has witnessed several big names from the world of music and stand-up comedy including artists like When Chai Met Toast, The Yellow Diary, Rahul Subramanian, Black In White, Kabir Café, Abhishek Upamanyu, Crimson Tide, The Pineapple Express, Sheldon D’Silvia, and many more.

This year Inception has collaborated with some renowned names in the industry such as Realme, mCaffeine, Hell Energy, Goa Party Circle, The Tiffin Factory, Coco Soul, Instax, Safexpress, and many more.
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