#goanewsEdiTweeT: AFTER ‘POGO’, WHY NOT ‘WOGO’?

Why is Revolutionary Goans Party fighting for Mhadei water, when it is originating in Karnataka, & not in Goa? How does it fit in their anti-Ghantti ideology when it is ‘Ghantti water’, diverted in the Ghats of Karnataka?

In fact, after demanding the Persons Of Goan Origin (POGO) bill, RGP should propose another bill – Water Of Goan Origin (WOGO) & declare publicly that Goans don’t want ‘Ghantti water’, but Only Goan Water.

If not, then it’s high time they introspect & admit the universal principle that boundaries don’t matter when it comes to the human life and livelihood of these human beings. It’s fine with ‘first priority’ to Goans in Goan land, but should it be only Goans in Goan land? ‘Only Goans’? Or ‘Goans ‘First’?

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