Goanews EdiTweeT: LAND, LAND & ONLY LAND?

& ministers appear over-busy with Land issues. They are pretending to be land saviours by preventing land grabs with forged documents. But on the other hand, amending Laws, Rules, and issuing notifications to decentralise land conversion powers and planning to shrink CRZ to 50 metres? Who will ‘grab’ this valuable land under the garb of ‘legality’ & who’ll benefit from it? No learning lessons from ongoing sand erosion, shrinking beaches & Tsunamis? Assembly opposition defunct, or, तेरी भी चूप, मेरी भी चूप? सब खायेंगे, सबको खाने देंगे?

  1. BJP is taking Congress MLAs in BJP. What a Pity on these BJP Volunteers who said to their Constituency People not to Welcome these Congress MLAs in our Constituency and now these same BJP Volunteers are saying to their Constituency People to Welcome these Congress MLAs in our Constituency. BJP Volunteers themselves are saying to the Congress MLAs, *WELCOME SIR*. What a Tragedy for the BJP Volunteers.

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