@goacm is absolutely right when he says figure taken from Goa Employment Exchange (GEE) & released by @NITIAyog is wrong. In fact the method of counting unemployed itself is a hoax. Figures at GEE are given as unemployed.

Means Govt job is employment.

Thousands of youth don’t register at GEE, working in Pvt sector don’t deregister from GEE & youth involved in agriculture or other traditional occupations call themselves ‘jobless’.

If 80K are jobless as per NitiAyog or 20K as @DrPramodPSawant claims, then what outsiders come here for? Only to commit crimes, as GoaCM falsely blames them for? Means 1/3rd of Goa is full of criminals? And unemployed are really jobless?

To know the truth, @GovtofGoa needs to conduct a ground-level survey of real unemployed & why Goan youth don’t take up jobs which outsiders do.

  1. BJP is taking Congress MLAs in BJP. What a Pity on these BJP Volunteers who said to their Constituency People not to Welcome these Congress MLAs in our Constituency and now these same BJP Volunteers are saying to their Constituency People to Welcome these Congress MLAs in our Constituency. BJP Volunteers themselves are saying to the Congress MLAs, *WELCOME SIR*. What a Tragedy for the BJP Volunteers.

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