#goanewsEdiTweeT: Why simply celebrate Konkani’s inclusion in 8th Schedule?

#goanewsEdiTweeT: Why simply celebrate 30 years of #Konkani inclusion in 8th Schedule of #Constitution as कोंकणी राष्ट्रमान्यताय दीस when it’s not implemented in letter & spirit? President’s Order 1960 & #OfficialLanguage Resolution 1968 makes it a MUST to implement 3-language formula in each state. Recruiting people knowing to write & read Konkani in Goa’s 42 Central Govt depts, 12 central corporations, 42 banks & its 675 branches is a must. Creating Konkani administrative terminology & translating all central laws, rules, Parliament bills, orders etc is a MUST. It’ll give permanent #GovtJobs to minimum 3000 #Goans. Can’t transfer them outside Goa. But @GovtofGoa is sleeping, #GoaAssembly dozing, #politicalparties least bothered & students-unemployed youth in a deep slumber. At least don’t grumble about rising #unemployment.

Click to read President’s Order 1960

Click to read Official Language Resolution 1968

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