Prof Brian Collins to speak on “Parshuram and the Konkan coast” on 19 Jan

Open for All, at Goa University at 11.30 am


Renowned history scholar Prof Brian Collin would deliver a lecture on the much-debated issue of ‘Parashruam and the Konkan Coast’.

The lecture would be held at a Seminar Hall, B Block of Goa University on Thursday, 19 January at 11.30 am.

It’s open for all, says the invite.

It is hosted jointly by the Centre for Study of Mythology and Culture in collaboration with D. D. Kosambi School of Social Sciences and Behavioural Studies of Goa University.

Prof. Collins is the Associate Professor and Chair of Indian Religion and Philosophy at Ohio University at Athens in the USA since 2013.

His specialities are Hinduism, Buddhism, Comparative Mythology, Intellectual History of Religious Studies and Religion, the Paranormal, and the Occult.

He has studied at the University of Chicago, a PhD in History of Religions (2010); University of Chicago, M.A. in History of Religions (2003); North Carolina State University, a B.A. in Religious Studies and a B.A. in Psychology, (2001).

The Sahyadri Khand claims that the Konkan Coast of India was created by warrior sage Lord Parashuram by throwing arrows and receding the Arabian sea. Many historians counter this claim.

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