Opposition leaders meet to chalk out strategy


Goa Opposition Leaders

On Monday, seven Opposition leaders met to discuss strategies to challenge the BJP-led State government during the upcoming winter session of the Goa Legislative Assembly. They were dissatisfied with the Speaker’s decision to hold a short-duration session and plan to submit a memorandum to the Speaker. The Opposition leaders are working together to form a joint floor management strategy to grill the government during the session.

At around 4 pm, all of the opposition leaders in Goa, including Goa Forward Party MLA Vijay Sardesai, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) MLAs Venzi Viegas and Cruz Silva, and Revolutionary Goa Party MLA Viresh Borkar, met at the chamber of Leader of Opposition Yuri Alemao. This gathering was an important step in the opposition’s efforts to unify and strengthen their position in the state.

The Goa Legislative Assembly has announced a four-day winter session, taking place from January 16 to January 19, 2023. This shortening of the Third session of the Eight Goa Legislative Assembly was officially announced on December 15 by the Goa Assembly Speaker. This session will be a great opportunity for the members of the Assembly to discuss and debate significant issues and make decisions that will affect the state of Goa.

The opposition in Goa, which consists of the Congress, AAP, Goa Forward, and Revolutionary Goans, has been highly critical of the State government for the short duration of the session and for not including private members’ working days. The BJP currently has a majority in the Goa Legislative Assembly with 33 MLAs out of 40. The Congress has 3 MLAs, followed by 2 from the AAP and one from Goa Forward and Revolutionary Goans.

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