CM extends greetings on 74th Republic Day



Chief Minister, Dr Sawant in his message said “Republic Day signifies the true spirit of Independent India when the Constitution of India was adopted by the constituent Assembly. This celebratory day of joy and enthusiasm signifies our national spirit and unity which would protect the freedom and dignity of every citizen of our society”.

“Republic day reminds us of our great constitution makers. It is our moral duty to recall the devoted endeavours of our leaders and imbibe their strength and discipline to build a nation on a strong foundation.

CM further said, “As our Constitution bestows us with the rights, as a Citizen of this free democratic Nation, we also have the responsibility to obey the beliefs of our democracy i.e. justice, liberty, equality, and fraternity. As we enjoy fundamental rights given by the Constitution, every citizen has to follow fundamental duties to keep the democratic principles of the Nation on supremacy”.

CM further said, “I acclaim India’s rapid progress in achieving high economic growth and social stability all these years. The country will progress more in the coming years.  I urge people to strive towards new goals. Let us pledge to build Aatmanirbhar Bharat & Swayampurna Goa,” CM concluded.

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