Seminar on State, Politics and Policy In Goa at Goa University

Goa University

The Political Science Programme of the D. D. Kosambi School of Social Sciences and Behavioural Studies at Goa University is having a seminar on ‘State Politics and Policy in Goa’. It will be held on 16 and 17th January 2023 at the Goa Business School Auditorium, celebrating the fifty years of the inception of the postgraduate programme. The occasion will see eighteen paper presentations on different political dimensions in Goa including language, identity, migration, party politics, development etc and bring together faculty, researchers, and students from across disciplines. A special feature shall be bringing together the alumni over five decades and the launch of Pol Sang-the Political Science Alumni Network Goa.

The inaugural panel discussion on ‘Positioning Political Science in India: Current Trajectory and Future Challenges’ shall be chaired by Prof. Gopal Guru, eminent political scientist and editor, of Economic and Political Weekly and will include Prof. Arun Patnaik, Central University Hyderabad and Prof. Muzaffar Assadi, Mysore University as speakers. The valedictory session shall be chaired by Prof. Koshy Tharakan, Dean, School of Sanskrit, Philosophy and Indic Studies, Goa University. Prof. Peter DeSouza, formerly Head of Political Science, Goa University, Director IIAS, Shimla and earlier D. D. Kosambi Visiting Research Professor at Goa University will speak on ‘Six Concerns and a Wish: Thinking Political Science in Goa’ as the keynote speaker. The seminar is supported by the Directorate of Higher Education, Government of Goa.

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