Within 2 years @GovtofGoa has dropped amendment of #LadliLaxmi scheme for girls between 18-45 years. Girls now won’t get Rs 1 lakh for jobs or business, but only if they get married. Clearly going back to Govt Dowry!

It was launched in 2012 by @manoharparrikar, but realised the mistake when Bailancho Saad & Goa Women’s Commission showed cases of how married beneficiaries were harassed over LadliLaxi Dowry. Accepted proposal of extending the scheme for jobs or entrepreneurship.

The latest amendment states: : “However, this scheme should not be construed or misunderstood as an encouragement to the practice of giving dowry in any way.” Can such a statement stop people from looking at it as a ‘dowry’, which cases in the past have proved beyond doubt? And why the Govt intends to promote something which is ‘similar to Dowry’?

Why @visrane has gone back to Dowry system by making marriage a precondition? Is this the way @goacm @DrPramodPSawant following Parrikar’s legacy? Why even pending 16,000 applicant girls won’t benefit from it, if they don’t get married? Is this the way Goa wants to fulfil @PMOIndia @narendramodi slogan of #BetiBachaoBetiPadhao?

Latest amended notification of Ladli Laxmi

Previous 2020 amended notification of Ladli Laxmi

Dowry harrassment due to Ladli Laxmi: Women’s Commission

Bailancho Saad case studies on Ladli Laxmi

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