ManoShobha Kalaghar to host 4-day ‘Sanjeev Prabhudesai Kaalotsav’ from 10 May

Open Stage Complex in Kullagar now available for Seminars, Workshops etc

ManoShobha Kalaghar, a unique project is shaping up in a picturesque village of Loliem in Canacona taluka, on Goa-Karnataka border. 

Built with a huge 8×8 metre mud-stage in the shades of coconut and betel nut trees in Goa’s traditional Kullagar, the project would be launched tomorrow, 10 May 2024, with a four-day theatre festival, called Sanjeev Prabhudesai Kaalotsav

On Friday evening at 5 pm, the project at Agas vaddo dedicated to the development of art, culture, education etc would be launched at the hands of three veteran theatre personalities of Goa. It would be then followed by three Marathi and one Hindi plays. It will be performed at 6 pm every day, till 13 May. 


Dr Rajay Pawar, the principal of Kala Academy Goa’s College of Theatre Art, would be one of the guests. The well-known Konkani poet is also known for penning down several plays in Konkani, including his famous play ‘Jamlem Re Jamlem’

Prakash Acharya is a veteran theatre personality, who grew up in the theatre group led by Manohar and Shobha Prabhudesai, Goa’s well-known freedom fighters and actors. After performing several social dramas at village festivals, Acharya then directed many powerful plays of Konkani Bhasha Mandal and won several prizes at the state level for Kala Academy competitions. 

Sunita Gaunekar, yet another guest at the function, was the first school girl to act in a drama along with Sobha Prabhudesai, in 1964, by breaking the tradition of males performing female roles. Both of them had to face boycotts and vicious campaigns against their revolutionary step by the conservatives. Gaunekar is also the first lady caterer of Goa, who has prospered as a successful business woman in the city of Margao. 

Several actors who acted in different dramas performed by the Prabhudesai Theatre in four decades from ‘60s  would also be honoured at the inaugural function. 


Addressing a press conference in this regard, Sandhya Kamat, daughter of Manohar and Shobha Prabhudesai, as well as their activist-turned-journalist son Sandesh Prabhudesai said the unique project would be made available also for seminars, workshops, meetings and conferences, besides literary and cultural activities. 

The ‘Sanjeev Prabhudesai Kaaltosav’ would be an annual affair, dedicated to the memory of their deceased brother, who had acted in dramas and produced films. The multilingual theatre festival would primarily include different experiments conducted in the field of theatre by the younger generation all across the country.

The theatre festival is beginning at the initiative of Keatan Jadhav, a young theatre personality, whose Flamingo Theatre has been conducting national-level theatre workshops for the last seven years in the neighbouring village of Poinguinim. His team of young actors from the state has been experimenting modern theatre with stunning performances.

“We could not accommodate Konkani drama this year due to technical difficulties, but the festival this year would perform four Marathi and Hindi plays not only by using the stage, but also the open space and aesthetically built Mattov and its Aangan”, said Keatan Jadhav.


The dramas would be as follows:

Friday, 10 May 

Play: Amar-Amruta अमर अमृता (Marathi)

Playwright: Vijaykumar Naik

Director: Sainand Volvoikar

Music: Navjyot Naik Gaonkar

Set: Bhupendra Chari

Costumes: Akanksha Prabhu

Artists: Prathamesh Kerkar, Vaishnavi Pai Cacode

“Amar Amruta,” a deeply moving one-act play penned by Vijaykumar Naik, audiences are invited into the profound journey of self-discovery as the character emerges from the confines of the gender closet. The narrative delicately unfolds, unveiling the intricate challenges of embracing a newfound gender identity, grappling with physical transformations, and navigating societal acceptance. With Prathamesh Kerkar and Vaishnavi Pai Cacode in the lead roles, the performance promises to deeply resonate with audiences, stirring hearts and inspiring introspection.


Saturday, 11 May

Play: Kelluritlam Natak केळुरीतलं नाटक (Marathi)

Playwright: Shivpranav Allavni

Director: Shivpranav Allavni

Music: Gautam Damle & Soham Ranade

Actor: Shivpranav Allavni

The play in Keluri is a one-person show set in the fictional village of Keluri, situated on the border of Goa and Maharashtra. In celebration of Shree Ram Navami, a local artistic ensemble has orchestrated the staging of the beloved Marathi Musical Play, ‘Sangeet Jay Jay Gaurishankar’, right in front of the village temple of Shree Kelureshwar. This solo performance penned, directed and brought to life by Shivpranav Damodar Alavani, offers a comical glimpse into the chaos that unfolds during the play.  


Sunday, 12 May

Play: Boro बोरो (Hindi)

Playwright – Satish Tandle
Director – Keatan Jadhav
Lyrics -Shivapranav Allavni, Vaibhav Kavlekar Keatan Jadhav (Qawwali)
Paintings & Set: Rohit Bhosle
Props: Arya Prabhu, Audumber Chari
Costume: Prajakta Kavlekar
Lights: Sharv Sarjyotishi
Actors: Ashish Atrey, Shravan Fondekar, Shravan Naik, Vaibhav Kavlekar, Mandar Jog Musician’s – Soham Ranade, Akshay Gaude, Ashley Mendosa

In this one-hour Hindi musical satire, inspired by Akira Kurosawa’s film “Kagemusha,” a petty thief is hired as a double for a deceased king. The thief, fascinated by his newfound authority, struggles to shed his original characteristics. The play combines elements of Tiatr, Chitrakathi, and Dastangoi, with live music influenced by “Tiatr.” The performance vocabulary is developed using ‘Dastangoi’.

Monday, 13 May

Play: Hayavadan हयवदन

Concept: Abhishek Dukhande

Actor: Abhishek Dukhande

Chitrakathi is folk art of Sindhudurga district of Maharashtra and is still performed by MASGE and GANGAVANE tribes in Sindhudurga. The reference for ‘CHITRAKATHI is taken from ‘HYAVADAN’ written by Girish Karnad. In this performance a tale of two friends DEVDATTA and KAPIL is shown, and how the presence of a woman named PADMINI changes their friendship and brings a lot of changes in them is depicted in a very simple and easy manner.

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