Concern expressed over ‘sharks’ invading Goa

Readers release ‘Ajeeb Goa’s Gajab Politics’

Sitting (From left): Hrishikesh Kadam, Anwesha Singbal, Adv Shivaji Desai, Dr Madhu Ghodkirekar, Adv Jatin Naik & Derek Almeida. Standing: Kuldeep Kamat, Subhash Salkar, Dharmanand Vernekar, Waman Prabhu, Pratibha Bapat, Patricia Pinto, Prashant Naik, Vijay D’Souza & Palash Agni.

Inavading Goa’s green land by land sharks in collusion with the elected members of most of the political parties of the Goa Assembly is a prime issue Goans need to take up on priority basis to save Goa from total destruction of its ethos, culture and the Mother Nature.

This was a concern expressed unequivocally by a panel of experts while releasing the post-poll Updated Edition of “Ajeeb Goa’s Gajab Politics: Politics of Land of 7000 Years”, written by journalist and writer Sandesh Prabhudesai.

Adv Jatin Naik speaking, (others from left), Hrishikesh Kadam, Anwesha Singbal, Adv Shivaji Desai, Dr Madhu Ghodkirekar & Derek Almeida

The panel consisted of senior journalist Derek Almeida, trade unionist Adv Jatin Naik, Adivasi ideologue Dr Madhu Ghodkirekar, social activist of Sattari Adv Shivaji Desai and young writer and activist Anwesha Singbal. 

In a unique manner, the book was released at the hands of panelists, moderators as well as other readers at a function held in Panaji. The other readers included Subhash Salkar, Dharmanand Vernekar, Waman Prabhu, Pratibha Bapat, Patricia Pinto, Prashant Naik, Vijay D’Souza, Kuldeep Kamat and Palash Agni. 

RGP leader Manoj Parab speaking on the issue of migrations & land grabs

The panel of readers discussed for almost 90 minutes various root causes of Goa’s changing polity. It included issues like tribals losing ownership of land despite being the first settlers, the politics of land behind the myth of Lord Parashuram ‘creating’ Goa, fading out Christian domination over Goan polity due to continuing out-migration, impact of in-migration of outsider labour class, trading class and the owners of holiday homes, constitutionality of the POGO bill, concepts of Gaunkari versus Communidades as well as lands of Alvara, Aframento, Mokashe  etc. 

Congress leader Pradeep Naik speaking on the issues of Identity and reorganisation of states

The panelists earnestly appealed to all the wise Goans to read the book and discuss the impact of the ongoing political trends on the future of Goa. They also appreciated the vast canvas of history, geography, demography, economy, politics, sociology and culture tackled in the book based on research and statistical data. 

Participants from the audience included Revolutionary Goans Party leader Manoj Parab, politicall activists Prashant Naik, Pradeep Naik and Rajendra Ghate, green activist Patricia Pinto, researcher Yugank Naik, journalists Shailendra Mehta and Kishor Naik Gaonkar, writer Chetan Acharya and  Yogesh Gaitonde.

Green activist Patricia Pinto speaking on blatantly illegal land conversion from orchard to settlement in Morjim

The panel discussion was moderated by young columnist and social activist Adv Hrishikesh Kadam. Another columnist and social activist Kuldeep Kamat compered the function. Young boy Manguirish Patil and activist Prashanti Talpankar presented mementoes to the guests. 

Reader Yogesh Gaitonde expressing his opinion on who should be called Bhumiputr of Goa

The book, in hardbound and paperback versions, is available at the book shops and newspaper stalls in various parts of Goa as well as sold online on (Click here to order).   


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Datta Damodar Naik, Thinker & Writer

Girish Chodankar, Congress Leader

Rahul Chandwarkar, Blogger & Ex-Editor

Manoj Parab, RGP Leader

Serafino Cota, Hotelier & Activist

Dilip Prabhudesai, Goa Forward Leader

Prasad Shapurkar, Lawyer & Activist





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