Gautami-Prathamesh wedding video goes viral, Thousands of Netizens laud the young couple

Yuri lauds the family, demands Bill against Widow Isolation

The video news by, about two young doctors getting married while the bride’s widowed mother performing religious rituals has gone viral, with congratulatory comments pouring in from all the corners on social media. 

While congratulating the whole family of both the bride and the bridegroom for this ‘pioneering initiative’, Leader of the Opposition Yuri Alemao has reiterated his demand to pass legislation against widow abuse and widow isolation immediately. 

CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO-NEWS posted a video-news last night of the inspiring event of the wedding of Dr Gautami Yograj Naik and Dr Prathamesh Prafullchandra Dicholkar. Going against the convention, at the insistence of Dr Gautami, her mother Usha Yogrjaj Naik, Goa’s famous Radio Jockey from All India Radio, performed the religious rituals. 

Since their efforts to get a Hindu priest from Goa for these rituals bore no fruits, two Purohits – both women – flew down from Mumbai and conducted the rituals on 5 January 2024. They belong to the Pune-based institution Dnyanprabodhini. (Click here for their website)

The video, since then, has simply gone viral on social media. People from all corners and different strata of society are congratulating the families of Naiks from Porvorim and Dicholkars from Vasco. 

Among the 40 legislators of the Goa Assembly, the first one to react to the video-news was Leader of the Opposition Yuri Alemao. He not only congratulated the family but also reminded Women & Child Development Minister Vishwajit Rane of his unfulfilled assurance given in the March Assembly session last year to bring legislation to put a permanent stop to the ongoing inhuman practices of Widow Abuse & Widow Isolation. (Read his full statement at the end of this news).

“Let every woman be part of our customs and rituals and widows be treated on par with any married woman”, Alemao said in his statement issued along with the video.

Click here to watch Yuri’s video

Meanwhile, people from varied strata across Goa came forward in full support of the event and insisted that the system of a widow performing religious rituals be the new tradition. Among these were two inspiring comments, from two luminaries from the fields of literature, education and art. 

Dr Kiran Budkuley

Educationist & Writer

This wedding shall always live in memory! The bride’s determination and her love for her mother are just incomparable. Heartful of blessings to her! 

What I would say to UshaBai simply eludes my words. Hundredfold salutes to her! As for her extraordinary mother-in-law, I bow to her in all humility for her easy-sounding but ground-breaking revolutionary action, thought and words. 

The bridal side and particularly, the largest-hearted groom’s party deserve special praise for keeping pace with this huge step. 

Likewise, my heartfelt greetings to all the well-wishers who happily witnessed this revolutionary moment!


Shridhar Kamat Bambolkar

Artist & Theatre Personality

It is indeed a great and brave act. This has taken place for the first time in Goa, and perhaps in the country. My big salute to a young couple of doctors: Dr Gautami Naik and Dr Prathamesh Dicholkar as well as Gautami’s mother Mrs Usha and her grandmother Mrs Shamlata. All the family members from both sides, who supported this revolutionary wedding, deserved public applause. 

And my ‘Namaskar’ to both the women Purohits and their organisation Dnyanprabodhini for scientifically conducting the religious rituals. Their fearless action is an actual ‘Prabodhan’ (Awareness) to spread real ‘Dnyan’ (Knowledge). 

This historic event held on 5th January 2024 will be written in golden letters in Goa’s social and cultural history. 


Yuri Alemao

Leader of the Opposition

A new era begins in Goa with a Widow Usha Naik performing the Wedding Rituals of her Daughter Dr. Gautami with Dr. Prathamesh. Compliments to the Naik-Dicholkar Families, who supported this pioneering initiative. 

Let this moment inspire the Government of Goa to bring in Law on Widow Discrimination, stated Leader of Opposition Yuri Alemao. Welcoming the initiative taken by two families in Goa, Leader of Opposition Yuri Alemao said “Let every Woman be part of our Customs & Rituals”. 

He also referred to his Private Member Resolution on “Unjust Practise of Widow Discrimination & Disrobing of Men & Women during Funerals” which was widely discussed in the Fourth Session of the Eighth Goa Legislative Assembly on 31st March 2023. 

“I was assured by the Minister for Women & Child Development Vishwajit Rane to bring in a Law in the next Assembly Session. However, nothing has moved to date. I hope the step taken by the young girl Dr. Gautami will push the Government two steps further to bring in a Law in the coming Session of the Assembly”, stated Yuri Alemao. 

The entire Naik- Dicholkar family deserves huge compliments from every citizen of the country. This step has sent a message to all of spreading happiness and being kind to all. Let us all cherish this moment with positivity, Yuri Alemao said. 

“My Resolution was supported by my women colleagues in the Assembly Dr. Deviya Rane, Delilah Lobo and other MLAs. Some of the Panchayats in Goa have also passed resolutions against Widow Discrimination”, pointed Yuri Alemao. 

The marriage ceremony of Dr. Gautami & Dr. Prathamesh has set an example to others and has also supported my earlier initiative to move the resolution. I hope that the Government will take lessons from the young couple, who honoured their mothers and bring in a Law to empower widows, stated Yuri Alemao.

  1. Great stuff. Heartiest congratulations to both the families. May this inspire everyone. Loving it.

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