#goanewsEdiTweeT: What a contrast of ‘Good Governance’!

#goanewsEdiTweeT What a contrast.  @GovtOfGujarat allows release of 11 rapists & murderers convicted for lifetime imprisonment, claiming they are from ‘brahmin’ families with ‘sanskar’ & good values! Charges against them in #GujaratRiots2002 were proved in #BilkisBanoCase of #gangrape & killing 7 family members. In contrast, 13 intellectuals of India are languishing in jail for 4 years without charges being framed in #bhimakoregaon case of Elgar Parishad. 84-year old tribal activist #StanSwamy died in custody. Now #SupremeCourt intervenes, setting a deadline of 3-months.

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