#SundayBreakfast @HotelAshwini St Inez, Panaji (Tiswadi)

Hotel Ashwini at St Inez, in Panaji city, Opp PWD Water Supply Dept, Near Caculo Mall is the most favourite cafe of all Ponjjekar.

Especially on Sundays, people from all corners of Goa come for takeaway here.

The speciality of this hotel, obviously, is Goan Bhaaji – Patall, Suki, Mix, Usall, Salad, Tomato etc. No matter what Bhaaji you order with Goan Paav or Puri, special Goan Mirchi comes by default.

It also serves other Goan specialities like Batatwada, Samosa etc. And special Goan Thali – Nusteachi (Fish Curry) & Shivrak.

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