Drishti lifesavers rescue five persons, including one Russian national, over the weekend

Panaji, February 2023

Five persons were rescued from the seas off Goa, including a Russian woman whose arm was dislocated mid-sea, while a person from Maharashtra who was using a bodyboard toppled and came close to drowning, was also rescued by Drishti Marine lifesavers.

The 28-year-old Russian woman was swimming at Kerim beach in North Goa when her arm was dislocated when she lost her balance after a wave crashed into her. A Drishti lifesaver noticed her plight and rushed to her aid bringing her safely back to shore. She was administered first-aid before emergency services arrived to medically assist her.

A 26-year-old man from Nashik in Maharashtra was out on his bodyboard in the sea off Ashwem when a sudden wave struck him and threw him off his board. This led him to panic and shouted for help, which caught the attention of a Drishti lifesaver stationed at the beach. The man was assisted to the shore with the help of a rescue tube.

A woman aged 33 years from Bengaluru was rescued at Talpona beach over the weekend after she was caught in a rough rip current as a result of which she lost her bearing and found herself unable to swim back to shore. Drishti lifesaver Suraj noticed her discomfort and assisted her to shore with a rescue board.

Drishti lifesavers also rescued two local residents from Mapusa and Margao who were also caught in similar rip currents at Vagator and Cabo-de-Rama respectively. At Vagator, a 34-year-old man from Mapusa who was on an outing with his family on the beach stepped into the sea but was unable to swim back to the shore due to a rip current. A local person from Margao was also caught in a rip current, which left him struggling at the deep end of the sea at Cabo-de-Rama. Both individuals were rescued using a rescue tube and surfboard by the stationed lifeguards.

A woman from Mumbai, approached the Drishti lifesaver’s tower to inform them that her husband was missing, and she was unable to reach him through her phone. A quick search was carried out with the help of the jeep stationed on the beach. After several announcements, the man was located far from the Drishti tower.

So far, 69 persons have been rescued by Drishti Marine lifesavers off Goa’s beaches since the beginning of 2023.

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