Telugu star Nagarjuna served notice over alleged illegal construction in Goa

Recently, Telugu star Nagarjuna was handed a stop work order by the Mandrem Panchayat in Pernem, directing him to stop the excavation work at Ashewada. Nagarjuna was allegedly involved in digging a portion of the hill in Mandrem village, North Goa, which was done illegally according to Sarpanch Amit Sawant. Sawant, who spoke to IANS, said that no one had approached them with the relevant paperwork. He added that he does not care if Nagarjuna is a star, but that the work should be done legally.

The panchayat members of Mandrem discovered that digging was being done on a hilly area of 6,500 square metres without a board describing the project on the property, as required by law. Upon further investigation, they discovered that the property was owned by Nagarjuna.

Amit Sawant also said that the Panchayat, which was formed in September, gave the actor the benefit of doubt before issuing a notice. To do so, they went back through the record books to check if the necessary permissions had been taken. Unfortunately, no record of permission was found. He said that Nagarjuna needs to respond to the stop work order with the necessary permission-related documents in his possession.


Source : News18

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