Why should Goans bother about the proposed #UniformCivilCode (#UCC) at the national level? Because it would replace Goa’s existing #PortugueseCivilCode. And being the only state in India to have a common code for all religions, it’s our bounden duty to guide the whole nation.

Adv Albertina Almeida explains very well in Herald the benefits of Goa’s Code & also the flaws, making India alert of the discriminatory provisions it contains. (Click here to read it online)

The #PortugueseCivilCode1867 was amended by #Portugal in 1966, but Goa hasn’t since its liberation in 1961. It continues allowing polygamy & adoptions only for #Hindus & diluting the process of marriage registration or divorce for #Christians etc.

It’s high time Goans pull up their sleeves & play a proactive role in the national debate while also making our own Code more progressive & fully Equal by doing away with all kinds of discrimination on the basis of religion or gender.

You may click here to get the Portuguese Civil Code 1867, presently in force in Goa. 

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